Madonna Latest Louis Vuitton Model

A promotional video on YouTube shows Marc Jacobs collaborating with Madonna for the handbag collection by Louis Vuitton for this past spring and summer:

Although Jacobs has used a few unconventional models for the handbag brand in the past, including Dakota Fanning and Chloe Sevigny, Madonna is slightly more conventional. While the video has her being photographed and choosing which fashions to use for the photo shoot, the video is essentially promotion for the latest line of handbags by Louis Vuitton. So, how do the handbags look for this season?

From watching the video, one aspect that stood out is how much more interesting Madonna’s clothing is than the handbags. Although the photos are supposed to include the pop star’s somewhat outlandish style choices juxtaposed with LV’s rather conservative handbags, in the case of promotion for a brand that is known for handbags, the handbags disappear into the photographs. Is it the lack of style? Is it the darker colors? Is it that they, frankly, look like large Coach handbags from a distance?

All are part of the reason why these handbags don’t really do anything. At one point, Louis Vuitton handbags were known for brighter colors, or at least brighter colored letters on a white field. Now, these handbags for this past spring and summer season are brown or copper colored. In terms of pairing it with typical summer clothes, the darker colors make the handbags stand out against a typical summer outfit which, in 2009, is probably a lightweight maxi dress. But, in these particular photos? Just on a visual level, the darker clothes Madonna’s in and the darker backgrounds just swallow up the handbags. If you’re considering one of these designs, picture it against lighter or neutral colors first before purchasing one.

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